Prostate Cancer Life is a Process. Handle with Prayer.

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02.25.08 Check out this is a web site written by prostate cancer survivors and those dealing with the decision.


8.17.04 Another reason not to like Jackie Gleason

8.21.04 Tests

8.31.04 One more thing

9.1.04 Scan results

9.10.04 Prostate Education

10.2.04 Update

11.22.04 Update

11.22.04 Update to the Update

11.23.04 Another update

11.28.04 Update - How am I doing

11.30.04 Can you stand another update

11.30.04 Can you stand another update II

12.16.04 Update - its been 4 weeks

12.29.04 Update bad news

01.11.05 Last update for a while

01.30.05 Hospice

02.03.05 The Circle of Love can sting

02.03.05 The End Comes at Last

04.05.05 Noisy Angels

05.05.05 Update

05.22.05 Update Wow

02.15.06 A Good Update


02.15.08 Lesson learned. Dragon slayed.

02.17.08 Marko and Saimir

02.17.08 How am I doing


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