Prostate biopsy suggestion


Find a urologist who will put you to sleep for the procedure. My first urologist, back in 2001, did not put me to sleep. It took me 3 years and a friend at work to give me a guilt complex before I would go back and do that again.


It’s not all that bad. The first urologist did not put me to sleep. He took 6 samples. It was kinda like Captain Ahab going after Moby Dick. I was ready to go home after the 3rd one. Afterwards, a warm sensation flooded my body and I had to stay on the table a little while before I felt good enough to go home.


Once I was home (at my parents house) I stayed on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.


They tell you that there ‘may’ be blood afterwards. What they don’t tell you are the details. Are you ready???


There are 3 bodily functions. Ok… for MEN there are 3. Think about it.


#1 (urinating) had blood and it disappeared within 2-3 days.

#2 had blood and it disappeared within 2-3 days of #1.

#3 Wow. Nobody told me that. It took several days after #2 cleared up before I even considered ‘trying’ #3. It took 3 or 4 ‘times’ before the blood cleared out… not 3 or 4 days. Get it?


My 2nd urologist said he was going to take 12 samples. TWELVE??? !!! Are you nuts? I was ready to go home after number 3, the last time.


I asked him if I was going to be asleep. In his Indian accent he said, “Of course. I do not want to have to chase you around the table.”

You got that right, man.


He put me to sleep. However, I wasn’t totally asleep on one of the samples. I remember jumping. I remember him telling me not to move. Yeah, right. I think my comment was “I’m not asleep.” I was after that.


This biopsy was infinitely better than the first. I had very little blood output compared to the first one. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaz for this.


The only problem I had was with the anesthesia. I went home and took 5-6 naps the rest of the day.