I write this with the understanding that the majority of my audience is younger than me... and, like me, have never had major surgery.


The surgery was Tuesday. It lasted over 4 hours, about 4 hours 15 minutes. The doctors were slowed down by the prostate. The Lupron shot made it more fibrous and difficult to remove. (I was aware that could happen.) After what I said earlier I do believe that radiation will be needed, if the PSA is detectable. We'll see. The surgery "should've" taken 2.5 - 3.5 hours.


I was in recovery about 3 hours instead of just 1-2 hours. I barely remember recovery, getting rolled out of recovery, the elevator ride and being rolled into my room. I was just hoping they weren't going to go fast. I was feeling a little sick. I remember a nurse, I believe, holding my hand and me having enough presence of mind to squeeze it hard. That felt good.


The one thing they stressed in my room was breathing... to get the anesthesia gas back out of my lungs. I just pretended like I was in choir singing. There's a way you sing to fill up your lungs and that is accomplished by the way you breath. I think that really helped.


I remember being awaken several times during the night. I asked for and got a shot for pain. The male nurse at 3 am did a terrible job of drawing blood. I was close to exercising my right to say NO but, gave him one more chance. He did what the vet did to Elmer. He stuck the needle between two of the fingers in my right hand and then went fishing for that vein. Grrr... Fortunately, the pain killer worked well. I didn't feel much except the irritation.


I also had a feeling of nausea and got a shot for that. My aunt HIGHLY recommended taking the drugs. They make you feel better so you heal faster. I took whatever drugs I could get. (c:)~ Actually, that was about it.


They served me a liquid breakfast. I ate most of it... beef broth, chicken broth, apple juice, hot (hot) tea, whatever. I was feeling really good by the time my parents arrived on Wednesday morning. The nurses came in and checked on me and gave me some papers and then left. My parents left to get the prescriptions filled and to have lunch. The nurse said I needed to be up and walking around and I could leave.


I could leave??? As I was walking down the hallway the nurse asked me why I was still here? She said, I got the papers... I could go. It wasn't even noon, yet. They discharged me and I didn't know it. I had to call my parents. They didn't get lunch. We left. We had to wait for the nurse to come back from her lunch break first. AHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!


I stayed at my parents house. I couldn't make up my mind whether to sit in the recliner in the Florida room or on the sofa in the living room. I did both. Oh, boy. Try and get up off a sofa after having surgery... through your abdomen. Fortunately, I'm not totally out of shape. But, I kept getting up and down. Well, they said I need to be moving about and not just staying still, it helped with getting well. I felt great. So, I did. I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I had planned on chicken noodle soup. So, I told my mother how to fix it. (c:)~ It was very good.


I did some of the same thing on Thursday. Thursday night I felt like I could do choir practice... the whole 2 hour practice. So, my dad took me. We went to the mens' sectionals first. I monitored the bag strapped to my leg to make sure it was 'draining'. I didn't know what to expect. Well, it should drain constantly, even if just slowly. I didn't use the markings on the bag to keep track. Towards the end of sectionals I snuck out with my father to check it. It looked like it stopped draining. The paperwork didn't cover that.


I had enough sense to go to the emergency room. By the time they got around to me I was ready to get relieved... big time. They put in 60 cc saline solution and got back 700 cc. I was ready.


On Friday my body said, SLEEP!!! I obeyed. If I was awake I was eating. If I wasn't eating I was asleep. That was it. Saturday I did the same thing.


On Sunday, I finally took a shower. Oh!!! You never thought of that, did you? At some point your nose let's you know. (c:)~ I watched church on tv. But, that afternoon I DROVE myself to choir practice. I was feeling alive and awake again.


Choir practice kicked my butt. We're getting ready for our Christmas special on Dec 19th. If you don't have anything planned for that Sunday... check this out. It's going to be awesome. I could not stand up and sing. I just got too light headed. I could sing and not get quite as light headed. So, I need to practice singing and standing on my feet as well.


I am limited on the physical exercise. NO LIFTING!!! Yeah, right. Try getting up off the sofa. Try SITTING up on a sofa. That's why sofa's have backs... so you can grab the back and lift yourself up. Ouch!!!


I am NOT going back to work this week. I am going back to Ocala next Tuesday (after Thanksgiving) for a follow-up visit. At that time we'll discuss my return. I am not planning on going next week, either. It is amazing how little effort gets me really tired.


I am surprised. A few years ago I thought I'd never be able to face something like this if it ever happened to me.  But, since joining the choir and having friends, and co-workers, pray for me... I have been able to make it through.


I appreciate everybody's prayers and concerns and cards and emails.