Thursday 12.16.04 Update – its been 4 weeks


This email will be a stretch for me... something new.


I have the choice of sharing this experience and getting over it or not sharing this experience and letting it have a debilitating affect.


(This part was written ‘yesterday’, Wednesday.)


I am going back to Ocala tomorrow (Thursday)... simply because I didn't quite make it there yesterday (Tuesday).


I was supposed to go there prepared to do a 'flow analysis'. You know... a pee test.


I was prepared for it because I did the same thing at Mayo. I had a bottle of water to drink at 2:00 pm and knew it would be through my system in about 30 minutes.


I stopped by the admissions office in the hospital, first. The girl in that office had a boyfriend up here who goes to FBC. Anyway, she wasn't there. But, I left the flyer we have about our Christmas program with the women who were there. Plus, I left my practice cd to give her an idea of what it was going to be like.


As I walked back to the car I got this warm feeling in my shoe. The stopper came off the bottom of "the bag". Hind sight says I should've turned around and looked for it, maybe. But, I got in and drove around to the medical building where my doctor is.


I got this 'bright' idea, since the primary system failed, to go with the backup system, ie. "the pad". Wrong. It was 2:30 pm. The water had reached it's destination.


It was a mess... to put it politely. I was a mess, soaked.


I got in the car and left. I tried calling the doctor but, barely could get the words out to say I needed to reschedule and then hung-up on them. They were concerned. I was not happy.


It wasn't until this afternoon (Wednesday) before I left for church that I could call them back without getting all emotional.


No more flow analysis tests for me... I will be going back tomorrow morning around 7:30 am for a 9:45 am office visit. I'll control my liquid intake and maybe take a few rest stops along the way just to be safe.


Kinda makes me think the devil was involved with it somehow... I just have to get on top of it by not getting embarrassed to the point where it incapacitates me. I need to plan ahead and have options... like a change of clothes in the car.


Didn't know this was going to be so much 'fun'.


(This is email was written on Thursday 12/16/04.)


I went back to Ocala to meet with the doctor at 9:45 am.


I walked in, the receptionist looked at me and said my appt was FRIDAY.


I was just 24 hours early. I smiled and told her I was not coming back tomorrow. The doctor was in surgery all day. I sat down and talked with the nurse, instead.


I'm glad I did. The nurse said some things I know the doctor would not have said. She just filled in some blanks.


She said that she questioned the doctor about my surgery. First off, I think that's really nice. It appears that the whole staff shows an interest in their patients.


She said the bladder/urethra reconstruction took more effort because of the extent of the prostate cancer. Consequently, it will take more time to heal internally and to regain continence. She was confident that that process would go well, it would just take more time. Although there is no guarantee.


She also said that women are more used to 'leaking' then men whereas men don't handle that issue well at all.


She talked about some of the pain and discomfort I’ve been having, especially with the perineum area. You know… like when you sit down. It was nice to have her talk specifically about some of the issues I’ve been having and hearing that they will get better eventually.


I asked her how long the 'relationship' would last between me and the urology center. Technically speaking, I can go back to my urologist in town. She said that they would like to keep in touch to monitor my progress and gather statistics. But, any further medical issues could be addressed by my doctor here.


She gave me the post operative report. I'll put that on my web site sometime. I'm working on putting everything on the web site. I just have a lot of other things going on as well.


We had choir practice tonight. We have choir practice Friday night and on Saturday. If I survive all of this then I know I can sing in the Christmas program on Sunday.


Hope to see everybody there... (c:)~ seriously.