Last update for a while…


But, first, a commercial.


This is the biggest time of year for the choir... the 2005 Pastor's Conference. We sing 35 different songs, from memory, at the conference. This year the music will be more special than normal, I believe. The conference starts Friday Feb 18th and goes through Tuesday Feb 23rd. The choir will be singing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. If you can't make it to the conference then I'd suggest coming to a Sunday service sometime between now and then (except Super Bowl Sunday).


Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) will be speaking Sunday night. That will be the hardest time to try and get seats. I would come around 3:00 pm... (c:)~ maybe 4:00 pm. Fortunately, I have a RESERVED seat!!!


Now, on to my update.


The PSA test result was 0.1. That's awesome.


The Lupron shot/injection went very well. I stressed out over it for nothing. The doctor inserted a 'capsule' under the skin of my left arm. It will slowly release the Lupron over the next year. To those of you who have seen it already, I apologize. The Steri-strip came off so, I cleaned up the dried blood and all that's left is a little slit where he inserted the capsule. I should've waited before sharing.


I laid down on the 'table' and rested my head on a pillow. He gave me a tiny little shot to numb that area. I think he did another little shot as well. But, I didn't feel that and didn't ask what he was doing. I was trying to avoid stressing out too much.


The capsule is about the size of 2 or 3 toothpicks together. It was inserted just under the skin in my left arm, because I am right-handed. It's in the inside part of the arm and not on the outside part.


A Steri-strip was used to patch the 1/4 inch slit closed. It's not sore. It's not tender. It's just there. I can barely tell where it is under the skin.


What happens next year? I have no clue. I guess he removes it somehow and replaces it with another one. I can wait and stress out about that when it happens next year.


I had to ask him what the Lupron and Casodex was for. I still have some Casodex pills that I quit taking just before the surgery. He said that the Lupron and Casodex cuts out the testosterone production. The Lupron cuts out the 95% produced by the testicles. The Casodex cuts out the remaining 5% produced by the Adrenal gland. Now I know. He said I could finish taking the Casodex pills. That's nice... if I can just find them.


As I said I wanted to do, I updated the web site with my 'thoughts'. You can check it out by going to the following:


Go to

click and go to

click on the Prostate Cancer link


The Too Much Information link will take you to a dead end version of the Too Much Information page. If you want to know more then prove to me you aren’t some silly teenager trying to get access to this page…


There are 3 areas of comments on that page: Goodbye (Internal) Catheter, Hello External Catheter and What about Sex?


As you can tell, the topics are pretty "out there". Evidently, this whole incontinence thing has been a 'consuming' process for me. Actually, I think I 'turned' the corner last week. I don't know how or why or when. Let's just say, Wow. It's been something along the epic proportions of Moses parting the Red Sea. The change has been night and day.


I'm sure the doctor had something to do with it. I'm sure the medication had something to do with it. But, it's been 6 weeks since I've felt comfortable with getting down on my knees and praying again. Once I did that, things really started improving.


These 3 areas are really designed for people who are considering Prostate Surgery or knows somebody else who is going through this period of time in their life.


I say a few things that will make people go... Oh... really... you didn't HAVE to say that. I use a bit of humor as well. I draw some pretty vivid pictures with my words.


I just want to prepare you for what I say. I can't really prepare you. But, I just want to warn you. You won't believe what I've written.


The External catheter page refer's to the 'incident' I had on my (almost) follow-up visit... you know... where the cap came off. Amazingly, I did have one social moron try and joke about that. They quietly walked up to me and asked if my cap had come off. I silently crumbled inside and looked to where I'd just come from to see if there was a trail. There wasn't. This person just thought the comment was kinda funny. I would love to talk about it, seriously... but, don't feel free to tease me about it. Let me dictate the level of humor to use in the conversation.


Wait a minute... It's that pesky Lupron again... (c:)~ It's not me. It's the Lupron!!! Yeah, that's it. I've got a good excuse now!!! (C:)~


I can say this because most of the people on my distribution list are computer geeks. There's a reason why certain people love working with computers... it's because they relate better to a computer than they do to a real person... go figure. I just want to be blunt for a few of those people.

The "What about Sex?" page is kinda funny, I think. I used a VERY personal moment I had on that page. The comments in the last paragraph will probably blow people away... just watch out for the 3 or 4 paragraphs just before the last one... (c:)~


Where do I go from here? I have another follow-up visit in 4 weeks. The doctor gave me an alternate medication to see which one I liked best. Me, a Guinea Pig? Oh, well. I'm very happy just as I am right now. Anything better would just be really nice.


I want to add an update on my mother. She's fine. She feels tired and run down a lot. After talking with her doctors she found that the chemo was not going to cure her cancer so she opted to NOT do chemo anymore. She is following a Liver detoxification regimen. She is taking Shaklee Liver DTX Complex pills, plus Herb Lax, plus fresh carrot and apple juice with something green added. Then, she's drinking Shaklee shakes with a concoction of various things, including shark oil, I believe. The doctor gave her a year to live with chemo. Her GP said she's the longest living patient he's had that's had a common bile duct tumor.


A lot of the reason why I was able to face my Prostate Cancer like I did was because I have watched my mother face her cancer. Plus, I've watched her as she's dealt with my grandmother. And, I watched her as she dealt with my father (who should've died) being hospitalized for 7 months straight. It all started with Lulu, our French Poodle. That dog lived to be 21 years old. She was deaf and blind for several years. That dog was just the beginning.


Life is a process. Handle with prayer.