I have some 'bad' news... I don't have any STD anymore. So, I had to go back to work today. (c:)~

Hah!!! Where's your mind? STD = Short Term Disability. Gee!!!

I went to my Jax Urologist yesterday (Tuesday). He wasn't very happy. I expected that.

First off, he wasn't happy that they didn't remove the Lymph Nodes. I explained that they had a hard time defining the planes and removing the Prostate and so, the surgery lasted 4.5 hours.

He said it would've been just 2.5 hours if he had done it.

He wasn't happy with the 'negative' margins... like... how could they remove it with the cancer 'outside' the prostate and not have positive margins? (I agree with that comment.)

He wasn't happy with the incontinence saying... you get most of what you get within 4-5 weeks. (Yesterday was 6 weeks.) The
Ocala doctor said give it 2-3 months or longer...

He asked about the Ocala Urologist's plan for follow-up. I didn't have a good answer... the
Ocala doctor didn't really give me a good answer. I got the impression from the Ocala doctor that his main job was the operation. Anything after that would be handled by someone else.

That said... my Jax Urologist wants to continue the hormonal therapy as a preventative measure to fight any remaining cancer. I will be going back on Tuesday to get a new type of Lupron shot. Instead of a 3 or 4 month shot they have developed a capsule that they insert under the skin. That will last for 1 year. It saves the 'pain' of getting the other shot 3 or 4 times a year... and there is some muscular discomfort that lasts for several weeks after each shot. (It's a pain in the butt.)

He also wants a PSA beforehand to make sure it's zero before proceeding with the Lupron. If it's not zero then that's a GOOD indication the cancer is still alive and well. I had the blood work done after my visit. I'll get the results next Tuesday.

I appreciate his attention to detail. He checked me out as far as the Kegle exercises are concerned... and didn't like that. So, he helped me do those better.

Under his breath he said, "I shoulda kept you to myself." I appreciate that comment as well.

I'm happy with what's been done so far. Certain things had to fall into place and it was not time to have the surgery back in August.

He's given me some medication to help with the incontinence. Both that and the Lupron are things the
Ocala doctor never mentioned.

What this means right now is... STAY AWAY FROM PAUL ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON!!! (c:)~

This method of delivering the Lupron was just released 2-3 weeks ago.

I'm doing well. Just have to keep things in perspective. Right now my mother is facing her oncologist and finding out how much time she has to live. The chemo treatment isn't a cure. Her doctor, on Monday, said she's the longest living patient he's had, that's had a common bile duct tumor.

My grandmother is in 'rehab' with her broken hip and went to the emergency room for a blood clot in her leg today. That wore my mother down.

Given everything that's happened... I'm doing great!!!

I didn't win the lottery. So, I have to continue working. (Of course, I don't PLAY the lottery.)

The easiest thing to say is ... Just trust God.

The hardest thing to say is ... Just trust God.

Go figure.

I'm looking forward to Monday. (We have Monday off.) Go figure. This from a guy who just had 6 WEEKS off from work. (c:)~ People asked if I got bored. The answer is No. I had lots of things to do that kept me occupied.

Unfortunately... I really like my job. I couldn't find another like it anywhere. That's what makes going back to work so much fun... I like it.

I spent 2 hours at the ROC today working on 7 servers... and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm sick... (c:)~