This is a.k.a. as Prostate Cancer 101... for those who want to know. If you don't want to know, then, that's fine.


6 areas of the Prostate are 'sampled' when they perform a biopsy... Sampled? Boy, is that a misleading word. How about harpooned? You'd think Captain Ahab was going after Moby Dick. But, I digress... (c:)~ They take 2 samples from the 6 areas. That is 12 samples altogether, minimum.


The samples are graded, 1-5, on how irregular the cells look from normal Prostate cells. Higher numbers correspond to a faster growing tumor and are more irregular.


The 2 numbers from each area are added together to make up the Gleason score. So, the actual range for the score is 1-10, not 1-5. But, they give you both numbers so you know what they are.


Here are the 6 areas and the scores I received.


This is so typical. I usually tend to score high on tests. Ha ha.


1. Right apex - 7 (4+3)

2. Right mid gland - 7 (4+3)

3. Right base - 6 (3+3)

4. Left apex - 6 (3+3)

5. Left mid gland - 6 (3+3)

6. Left base - benign (0)


From the 'book'... scores on the higher end of the Gleason scale (7 through 10) usually indicate a more serious prognosis. Your age, emotional well-being, family support system and physical health status are all individual factors that can influence the outcome of your disease. Treatment options will be important in determining the outcome of your disease.


That's up to page 11. There's 48 pages altogether.