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Why Stroke4?

Why did I choose Stroke4 for my web site name?

It all started around 1994/1995, I think. I decided that it was time to get off
my assets and start working out. I saw an article in the Folio magazine
about a learn to row class. So, I gave it a try.

I got hooked. No, I got addicted.

I learned to row at the Jacksonville Rowing Club. I started off in a single.
I rowed a LOT. I rowed almost every day of the week.
Soon after that, Mark invited me to row competively in a four. I rowed with
some of the women in the club.

I would row in anything, anytime. The women put me in the stroke seat of the four.
Ergo, Stroke4.

I did not enjoy the seat at first. I had to be 'right' all of the time.
They put me up there so they could see me and teach me how to row.
I eventually learned how to row stroke and enjoyed rowing it very much.