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About the cameras...

I started off with a little Olympus 35mm camera several years ago.
I never planned on getting into photography. But, this is where it started.

After that camera I bought my first serious camera, a Minolta Vectis S1.
It is an APS camera. The 210 mm lens ($500) cost more than the camera ($250).
Film and developing cost a fortune.

Several years after that camera, digital cameras started to become popular.
I finally splurged and bought a Minolta Dimage 7. I also bought (2) 1 GB
hard drives to go with it. I can take up to 2,000 pictures using both drives.
I don't have to buy film or pay to have it developed anymore.

In 2003 my friend, Dan, pushed me into getting a serious digital SLR camera.
It was a Canon 10D with a 100-400 mm lens. The camera multiplies
the size of the image by 1.6. So, the lens is effectively a 640mm lens. This
camera is a 6.3 megapixel camera and produced awesome pictures... once I
figured out what I was doing.

In 2006 another friend, Bob, asked me to shoot the Bolles Lacrosse games. That
was a real challenge. The games started late in the afternoon and went into
the night. The 100-400 mm lens didn't have enough light to stop the action.
So, I bought a 70-200 mm lens. That helped, but, still, I wasn't happy with
the quality. So, I bought the new Canon 30D. It's an awesome camera.